Welcome to The Banana Cult

The Banana Cult Shop is the online store front for Memphis Artist, Ivy-Jade Edwards. In our shop you will be able to purchase artwork, clothing, accessories, and more!

(Definitely not the online store front for a cult that you definitely cannot join by following us on Instagram)

Clothing, Art, and More!

The Banana Cult Line

The Banana Cult Line is our our original collection of apparel and... 

Art Prints

This collection of prints includes original works from artist Ivy-Jade Edwards. Including... 

  • Art Prints

    Looking to add some color to you interior? Meander on over to our gallery of art prints!

    Our collection is sure to impress your friends... if you have any.

  • The Banana Line

    *ring* *ring* Oh.. What's that? You must be trying to reach The Banana Line! To connect, be sure to select this collection to recieve all our latest styles.

    We promise not to send you to voice mail.

  • Accessorize!

    You've unlocked our secret level, The Cave of Accessories. Every player knows a t-shirt just aint enough.

    Personalize your look like you're the MC!