Meet the Cult Leaders

The Banana Cult originally started as an alias for Memphis artist, Ivy-Jade Edwards (to clarify: Ivy-Jade as a whole is her first name), as her work became more well known through social media. Since then, Ivy-Jade has utilized the title as more of a brand name as she expands the use of her work as designs for clothing and other miscellaneous merchandise.

It may be a cliche, but artists are not necessarily known to be good at business, math, organization, business, communication, timliness, or business... you get the point. However, if you input the Brett Edmonds factor, another creative being that actually excells in these attributes, then the equation is solved and BAM - The Banana Cult is now a functioning small business. Small, but functioning!

Though Ivy-Jade studied as a traditional fine art, oil painter - she began to divert paths following her education feeling the Fine Art world could be too cold and rigid for her true self - a rambunctious, gremlin type personality that can barely stand the sight of a white wall.

Tis the lore behind the Cult that which is Banana. Where humor, bright colors, patterns, and nerdiness are valued above all else.

We hope you enjoyed our brief tale! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

If you are in need of a more immediate reply, message us through Instagram: @thebananacult